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tevony Food Manufacturer Marketing Video

This video features a Long Island food manufacturing startup called Tevony. We were tasked with creating a video under 2 minutes in length. The founder, Hagit was to be featured in the video telling the story of how her father’s recipe brought the family together and is now readily available for others to enjoy. It was important to create a clean simple concept that highlighted the founders story while also showcasing the product line, it’s healthy ingredients and how it can be used. 


This video required pre-production to write the script and shot list, a day of production on location and post production editing in DaVinci Resolve. The clean look was achieved by using a green screen to create a modern backdrop for the Tevony story. If you’re a food manufacturer or a food startup, we would love to speak with you about your story.

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Video shot on a Canon 70D

Audio recorded on Zoom H6 with a RodeLink Wireless Lavalier and boom mic.

Edited in DaVinci Resolve,

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