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8 Families Tell Their Stories of Struggle & Inspiration to Celebrity Chef Jonathan Scinto

When Chef Jonathan Scinto had the idea for Family Kitchen Revival he had no idea how personal the experience would become. In the new show, set to release November 19, 2019,  Chef Scinto listens as 8 families share their stories of struggle and who helped them through those tough times.

For the families, it’s an opportunity to say thank you.  “The kitchen is the heart of every family and food brings people together,” says Chef Scinto. Each episode culminates with a thank you to the people that supported them most during their tough times with a family style meal prepared by Chef and inspired by a family recipe.

The show will be available for streaming on November 19, 2019 on Amazon Prime, Roku via and Samsung TV Plus.  Watch the trailer at


We worked directly with Chef Jonathan Scinto to bring his vision to life. Working with the 8 families who had life altering struggles required patience and professionalism. All 8 episodes were shot over a 2 month period in the families homes. 

From pre-production to editing to distribution, we created the vision for the show’s format including casting, pre-interviews, story boarding, production schedules, sound design, musical direction and ultimately distribution channels including Amazon Prime.

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Video shot on a Canon C200, Canon XA50, Canon EOSR

Audio recorded on Zoom H6 with a RodeLink Wireless Lavalier and boom mic.

Edited in DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X

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