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Long island non profit helps women & Children who were incarcerated

New HOUR’s vision is to provide successful support for children and mothers during and after incarceration. We recognize the critical role mothers play—often as the primary caretaker for their children. We understand the need for specialized support for mothers whose pathways to prison or jail are often tied to domestic violence or substance abuse. By providing mothers with parenting skills, work skills, and wellness programs during and after incarceration, we seek to support healthy relationships and end the trauma that children of incarcerated mothers face.


This video for New HOUR features Executive Director Serena Liguori as she explains the organizations role in helping women and children that have been incarcerated. It was shot on location at their office in Brentwood NY. We edited the video to feature important information so it may be used to attract future donors. 

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Video shot on Canon C200 & EOS R

Audio recorded on Zoom H6 & Rodelink Wireless Lavalier

Edited in Final Cut Pro X

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